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Oil & Gas Project 2018

The oil and gas industry has experienced significant changes in recent years mainly due to the drop of oil prices in the international market. The sector continues to evolve and adapt to the current trends through different measures such as cost reduction, increase in competitiveness, research and development of new technologies, risk management, sensible financing, etc.


The Oil & Gas Report aims to communicate the vision of the key stakeholders and provide a comprehensive overview of the leaders’ perspectives, to address the challenges of a changing market, and to guide the Norwegian oil and gas sector to success. The report features innovative companies that have contributed to the prosperity of the industry, attractive markets, and the current trends experienced by the oil and gas sector.

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Renewable Energy & Electricity Project 2019

Throughout the years, Norway has developed a reliable and clean electricity infrastructure using hydropower as the main source of energy. Many countries have established goals to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases, providing further momentum to the renewable energy industry. To achieve these goals, further advancements in the field of clean energy are essential. The electricity industry has not only developed power-generating technologies, transmission networks, and smart grids, but also increased the efficiency of energy consumption.


Norway is a member of Nordpool, a leading international electricity market that operates in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Germany, and the United Kingdom. The Renewable Energy & Electricity report will feature the perspectives of the key stakeholders in the power sector, attractive markets for investment, and the latest developments that will allow the industry to keep growing.


Current Project

Fisheries & Aquaculture Project 2020

Throughout Norway's history, the fisheries industry has played a pivotal role in its economy. Additionally, the aquaculture sector has been experiencing substantial growth in recent years. These sectors represent a substantial share of Norway's exports. Furthermore, the Norwegian fisheries and aquaculture industries provide seafood to more than 130 countries.

Norway is often seen as a pioneer in these fields, not only as a producer, but also as a provider of innovative technologies and efficient business models. The country constantly conducts research on marine environment, aiming to promote sustainable and environmentally friendly resource procurement and management.

The Fisheries & Aquaculture project aims to support companies active in Norway to raise awareness of these efforts. On the other hand, Norway Reports is also on the lookout for international partners that are able to provide value to these key Norwegian industries.