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Global Maritime - Decommissioning and Life Extension Projects

Updated: Nov 14, 2018

Thor Kavli , Commercial Manager at Global Maritime Helge Hydle, Regional Manager at Global Maritime

Every mineral extraction project follows a specific life-cycle and companies must fulfill the obligations that the shutdown of operations entails. As the Norwegian oil and gas market matured, decommissioning gained momentum and the industry is raising awareness of the impending challenges. Norway’s environmental regulations are strict; therefore, oil and gas players have started their journey to find the best support from its suppliers.

Global Maritime has seen the opportunities that arise in the decommissioning field and started engaging in this market. The company provides services in decommissioning and, in 2015, it participated in the safe disconnection and towing of the FPSO at Njord A and Njord B. “The Njord tow is a remarkable achievement of marine operations in the decommissioning segment. On the other hand, we have also built 10 drilling rigs and that is what took Global Maritime to the next level,” says Thor Kavli, Commercial Manager at Global Maritime.

In order to capitalize on the opportunities in both segments, Global Maritime aims to be a flexible and cost-efficient company. “We are known as problem solvers. We have a good track record of helping out major oil companies with their concerns and problems,” says Helge Hydle, Regional Manager at Global Maritime. As engineering consultants, Global Maritime has focused on supplying innovative ideas to oil and gas companies, especially when major players seek for advice in order to solve challenging issues.

In terms of decommissioning, the industry will require innovative solutions to perform activities in an environmentally friendly way, while at the same time maintaining cost-competitiveness. “The mindset and the best thinkers combined with engineering expertise, marine operational experience, and people who have practical experience in working on shuttles and oil tankers provide us with the best product,” says H. Hydle. During the concept development process, it is crucial to evaluate the risks and perform structural evaluation in order to find adequate solutions in a short period of time. Global companies are aiming to have presence throughout the world in order to provide timely service to their clients. “We have to be where our clients’ assets are,” adds H. Hydle.

Furthermore, in marine operations, cost-efficient offshore decommissioning requires knowledge and expertise. Global Maritime has worked together with Statoil. H. Hydle comments on their experience: “We have a good track record with Statoil. We helped them save substantial amounts of money on decommissioning and life extension work by thinking outside the box and performing operations in a simpler manner.” Instead of using large and advanced offshore construction vessels, Global Maritime relied on anchor handlers and a supply vessel.

Global Maritime has continuously worked to position itself in the decommissioning market. The company has great expectations for this segment in the coming years and its team is confident in its competence to bid for more work; however, the team is aware of the uncertainty this entails. “We have already implemented some good projects in decommissioning. However, it is uncertain when many decommissioning projects are going to start because they are always being delayed further,” says T. Kavli. Global Maritime has its own design of a decommissioning vessel called “GM Constructor”.

In terms of the type of work, life extension and decommissioning activities share similar characteristics. “There is not much difference between decommissioning and life extension, for example, before we started to work in Njord, we were told that the project was to be scrapped,” says H. Hydle. “After 2 months, we were told that the facility might be re-used,” he adds. While such activities are similar, it is crucial to be cautious because the assets could be recertified, upgraded, and re-delivered. “I think we will be facing a lot of life-time extension projects as we move forward,” concludes H. Hydle. Despite the type of work, in the coming years, Global Maritime is looking forward to utilizing its global competence in the decommissioning segment.

Learn more about Global Maritime by visiting www.globalmaritime.com/norway

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