Norway Reports is market research company specialized in creating databases,  and providing, business intelligence, tailored digital marketing, and boutique communication strategies and advisory to the main industrial sectors of the Norwegian economy through digital media and diverse online tools.

From our databases, we select relevant companies and organizations to perform interviews and acquire testimonial information, covering from the current trends and goals to the main challenges faced by them. Norway Reports matches real-life experience with data and target only relevant audiences with unique and segmented content, supporting our clients to communicate more efficiently with potential partners and customers in the local and international markets. 


Norway Reports' mission is to use data and real-life experience to improve communications and increase their effectiveness. Our goal is to support our clients to reach their customers and potential partners while reducing workloads for marketing and communications teams.


Norwegian industries have acquired substantial knowledge and expertise in diverse fields. We believe that Norway offers broad opportunities to the world and Norway Reports is committed to communicate the capabilities of companies active in Norway to the world. Norway Reports covers fields such as Oil & Gas, Renewable Energy & Electricity, Fisheries & Aquaculture, Maritime, and Digital Technologies. 


The main objective of the company is to create and position an efficient platform that enhances dialogue, the exchange of ideas, and the availability of information through in-depth analysis of the business and technological trends in Norway. Our activities link the leaders’ perspectives with the industry and the operating framework to facilitate the capitalization of new opportunities to promote the growth and prosperity of the industry. Through our digital marketing and boutique communication services, Norway Reports is able to support its clients to find the most effective communication channels and measure the performance of  campaigns.


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